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    Dick de Graaf (Clazz Ensemble) We had much fun, playing and recording this weekend. Jakko is our hero !!!
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    Concertstudio Equipment
    Digidesign Protools HD2
    2* Digidesign 192I/O, 24 analog I/O, 8 Digital I/O
    Apogee Big Ben Masterclock
    Benchmark ADC1 AD-Converter
    Benchmark DAC1 DA-Converter
    Solid State Logic Duende
    Digidesign Command8 Control Surface
    Apple MacPro Quad 2.66
    2* Samsung 22" Widescreen Monitors
    Tascam DA-45HR DAT Recorder
    PSI A25-M
    RTW Digital Monitor
    Microphone Pre-amps:
    20* Solid State Logic XR621 SuperAnalogue MicPre
    3* Solid State Logic XR623 4 channel Line Input Module
    1* Solid State Logic XR622 Master Module
    12* Solid State Logic XR621 MicPre Line Input
    4* Neumann KM130
    6* Neumann KM140
    2* Neumann KM143
    2* Neumann U87
    2* DPA 4003
    2* DPA 4011
    2* DPA 4015
    4* Schoeps CMC5/MK4g
    2* Schoeps CMC5/MK2g